Cleaning Services for Gyms

Gyms can be prone to the accumulation of bacteria and germs due to the sweat and high humidity levels inside them. Hence, it is crucial to seek professional cleaning services for gyms. There is much to do around fitness centers, from cleaning the equipment to trash removal. In order to ensure that all gym members are out of danger, a responsible gym owner should always comply with standard cleaning guidelines.

At System4, we have years of experience with cleaning gyms. We have performed our cleaning services in many gyms nationwide. You can be ensured that your gym cleaning is in the right hands when you choose us.

Cleaning service for Gyms

Bathroom Cleaning for Gyms

Bathroom cleaning services are crucial to any facility management service for a gym. Bathrooms can be potential breeding grounds for fungi and mold if not taken care of properly, which can then negatively affect the health of the customers and gym staff. In order to reduce the accumulation of germs from frequent use by gym members and staff, a professional cleaning service must be hired.

With our years of experience with facility management for gyms, we are equipped when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Let us manage your bathroom cleaning and take it to the next level!

Gym equipment cleaning


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General Cleaning and Disinfecting of Gyms

Gym surfaces that include floors, mats, and lifting equipment should be are meant to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. If not taken care of properly, with all the sweat and debris, the gym facility can get hazardous to health. Our team of expert gym cleaners removes any visible dirt and then performs a deep clean. It is all topped off with the application of a disinfectant solution that helps kill bacteria and prevent unwanted odors.

System4 has helped several gyms keep their space clean and on track with regulations. Contact us today and take your gym cleaning a step further with System4!

Gym floor maintenance

Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection

Cleaning gym equipment is crucial to prevent the spread and growth of bacteria. Additionally, it can also prolong the life of the gym equipment and lead to reduced repairs over time. Getting your gym equipment cleaned also provides you with the benefit of more safety and decreased risk of accidents due to dirt and grease. Our team of cleaners at System4 is well-equipped to clean a wide array of gym equipment.

We have a variety of tools and skills to do the job right when it comes to cleaning your gym. Make use of our services for gyms and enjoy the benefits that come along with it. Our team awaits to help you!

Window Cleaning Banks and Financial Institutions


Getting windows cleaned regularly does not only make the banking facility look good but also increases the lifespan of your windows. It also improves the quality of the indoor air and affects the amount of sunlight that passes through the window.

Encouraging Safe Practices

When looking for a cleaning service, it is vital to consider experienced cleaners. At System4, we provide window cleaning services for banks like no other in the market. Let us help you enhance the pride of your business.

ATM Cleaning Services For Banks

ATMs can get all kinds of germs and bacteria on them. Hence, it must be regularly cleaned with disinfecting solutions. At System4, we have helped many banks clean their ATM machines. We make sure that we get the job done right. We help clear your ATM machine of hazards and give it a clean and aesthetic look.

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Additionally, we also ensure that there is no use of harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach so that there is no damage done to your ATM machine. Making us the premier choice when it comes to your ATM cleaning needs.

Locker Room Cleaning and Disinfection

Gym lockers need regular cleaning due to a range of reasons. Some of them include:

  • Hygiene: Gym lockers are used to store sweaty clothes and gym bags, which can harbor bacteria and fungi. Regular cleaning helps prevent the spread of germs and promotes a healthy environment for everyone.
  • Odor control: Uncleaned lockers can develop unpleasant odors from sweat, spilled drinks, and other items left behind. Regular cleaning removes these odors and keeps the locker area smelling fresh.

Gym facility management services

  • Safety: Food crumbs, spilled liquids, and other debris in lockers can attract pests like insects and rodents. Keeping lockers clean helps prevent infestations and promotes a safe environment.
  • Appearance: Regularly cleaned lockers create a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere for gym users.
  • With our expertise in gym facility management, we curate the right cleaning package for your gym and help you keep your locker room spotless. Call us today at 216-524-6100 to learn more!

Our Floor Care Services for Gym

Commercial cleaning services for gyms

Among our cleaning services for gyms, gym owners frequently opt for floor cleaning. With the proper use of floor cleaning products, our team of expert cleaners achieves a floor surface that is neat and clean. We use cleaning products that act rapidly and suit the unique needs of each gym. This way, we ensure that there is minimal downtime for cleaning. This can be excellent news for 24/7 gyms that have customers and members coming in round the clock.

You can count on us for a fresh, smelling, clean gym floor. Try our services and elevate the cleanliness at your facility!

Window & Mirror Cleaning for Gyms

If you are looking for clean and clear windows and mirrors at your gym, you should look no further than System4. We offer custom services for your gym mirrors and windows. Some of the potential benefits of our window and mirror cleaning services include:

  • Improved Appearance:
  • Having your windows cleaned the right way can increase the aesthetic appeal of your gym. Additionally, having clear and clean mirrors at the gym allows for a better workout experience for the gym members.
  • Safe Approach:
  • We clean your windows in a way that ensures that safety is the first priority when it comes to cleaning glass at the gym. This way, we provide the safety of both our and your staff.
  • Experience and Expertise
  • With extensive experience cleaning commercial properties, we are equipped to handle windows of any size and complexity.


How often the gym equipment gets cleaned depends on the number of members and traffic at the gym. Generally, every member should be handed a personal wipe so they can easily wipe the surface of the equipment after use. In addition, professional cleaning staff should disinfect and deep clean the surfaces according to the desired schedule.

Locker room hygiene is essential as it reduces unpleasant odors, reduces the spread of germs and disease, and promotes overall gym hygiene. Locker rooms mustn’t be overlooked when hiring a professional cleaning service.

It is generally advisable to sweep the floors every few hours to clear the dust and debris. However, when it comes to mopping, the frequency can range from daily to several days a week. This is dependent on factors such as the amount of traffic the gym gets and so on.

At System4, we offer complete facility management and cleaning services for your gym. From the lockers and bathrooms to the equipment and floors, you can count on us to keep your gym clean.

Our Trash Removal Services for Gyms

Maintaining a clean and hygienic gym environment is crucial for the health and satisfaction of your members. System4 understands this and offers comprehensive trash removal services specifically tailored to meet the needs of gyms. We offer:

  • Reliable and regular service:
  • We offer flexible scheduling options to remove your gym’s trash promptly and consistently, preventing unpleasant odors and overflows.

Trash Removal services for gym

  • Trained and insured professionals:
  • Our team is trained in proper waste-handling practices and equipped with the necessary tools for efficient and safe service.
  • Focus on diversion and recycling: 
  • We prioritize responsible waste management and strive to divert as much waste as possible from landfills through recycling and responsible disposal practices.
  • Cost-effective solutions: 
  • We offer competitive pricing options and work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

Deep Cleaning Services for Gyms at System4

Prioritize your gym cleaning and choose System4. It is our aim to keep your facility as safe and healthy as possible. Hence, we use our Measured Success Program that ensures that your business receives the highest standard of cleaning services that are compliant with regulations and provide the highest level of cleanliness for your gym.

Contact us today and feel the difference for yourself!

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