Health Risks of an Improper Commercial Cleaning

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Offices are usually cleaned using chemical components. Chemical substances play a huge role in removing bacterial stains and grime from surfaces but they can also be harmful to the people living or working there. There are various health risks of improper commercial cleaning services that you as a customer need to know about.

Having a commercial cleaning service at your office or business is a normal thing these days. Commercial cleaners are equipped with appliances and detergents that allow them to thoroughly clean surfaces. These detergents contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous for humans. To avoid serious health risks, commercial cleaning company employees wear personal protective equipment that keeps them safe from any adverse effects caused by the use of these chemicals.

Ineffective Disinfection and Cleaning

Businesses don’t get the cleaning outcomes they want when they employ subpar industrial cleansers. The final cleaning results they obtain are, at best, barely harmful. You might occasionally find that the cleaning agents you employ leave a filmy residue on counters and desktops as well as smudges and stains on glass. Additionally, you might need to spend twice as much time cleaning your business location as is necessary.

Even while these conditions may not give a positive overall impression of your industrial cleaning plan, they are still far preferable to permanent machine damage or workplace health hazards. When businesses employ sanitizers and disinfectants that may include hazardous chemicals in large quantities or concentrated forms, a health risk to the entire organization can result. Keep safety data sheets in the cleaning closet where cleaning products are stored and update them regularly with the most current information.

Dealing With Harmful Chemicals

As an alternative, warehouses may use chemical agents in the following situations without disinfecting or sanitizing the surface being cleaned:

  • Utilizing chemical resources ineffective against specific diseases
  • Diluting the chemical compounds till they lose their usefulness
  • Applying industrial cleansers erratically or insufficiently
  • Not giving the cleaning agents the necessary amount of time to sit

In any of the aforementioned scenarios, your industrial facility is at risk. Even after application, harmful microbes including bacteria and other diseases might stay on many industrial surfaces. In the worst situation, your personnel will begin to believe that all of these surfaces are secure.

Equipment and Furniture Damage

Different industrial cleansers are chosen for specific industrial surfaces and equipment for a reason. This is owing to the high efficacy of these specialist chemicals in eliminating a wide range of impurities and residues, such as grease, dirt stains, and other pollutants.

However, if these cleaning supplies are used in the incorrect locations, they may remove or destroy items they are not intended to clean. For instance, selecting the incorrect cleaning for hardwood could cause the topcoat finish to degrade. In other instances, using an acid-based cleaner to clean the marble floors could result in permanent damage.

Health Risks to Staff Members

The biggest risk when using the incorrect industrial chemical products is to the health and safety of your staff. The majority of cleaning products contain poisonous and combustible components that can be dangerous to human health when used incorrectly. If you choose the incorrect cleaning product, there’s a considerable possibility that you will inflict chemical hazards. Chemical hazards include exposure to the harsh chemicals found in many of the commercial products used by the janitorial and cleaning industry.

If your employees begin combining various chemicals without taking the proper safety precautions, such as mixing chlorine bleach and ammonium, things could get out of hand. Chloramines, a kind of extremely hazardous gas, might be produced as a result. Chest aches, breathing problems, pneumonia, and vomiting can all be brought on by these kinds of gasses. While ammonium is typically found in surface cleansers, bleach is typically used in disinfectants and sanitizers.

Reducing Dust

When cleaning, dust and allergens are “kicked up” into the air less frequently with microfiber cleaning equipment. This ought to reduce sneezing and sniffling in the workplace.

Microfiber is a teeny, small fiber that is woven into clothes, towels, mops, dusting mitts, and dusting wands to make cleaning supplies. Positively charged microfiber picks up, retains, and eliminates dust particles rather than just moving them. The majority of dusting cloths and other instruments don’t draw or hold dust. Most of the dust is instead released into the atmosphere.

Reducing Cross Contamination

Systems for mopping with microfiber lessen cross-contamination or the movement of microorganisms from one room to another. Due to reasons like these, you should outsource your church cleaning job to professionals. The janitor cleans both the women’s and the men’s restrooms with a conventional mop. The janitor then mops the kitchen or break room floor with the same clean and mop water.

Different microfiber mopping techniques exist. Mop heads for microfiber mops can be changed. Our janitors just remove the filthy mop head and replace it with a clean mop head rather than continually rinsing and wringing the mop and routinely changing the mop water. The janitor moves to another room after cleaning the restroom, removing the used pad (which will be washed), and replacing it with a fresh one.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning for Your Office

There are various benefits that you can get after getting your office commercially cleaned by professionals. But how can you get the best cleaning services for your office? Here are a few of them:

Increasing Employee Productivity

According to research, maintaining and increasing cleanliness in the workplace is important for maximizing employee productivity. That implies that occasionally productivity problems aren’t caused by a lack of teamwork or training, it is caused because you need professional cleaning services. It can occasionally be the dirty floor, unclean walls, and ceilings, or the entire atmosphere of the office. Only hiring expert cleaning services that can routinely take care of your workplace’s demands will be able to change that. This can enhance productivity levels of a business.

Lesser Sick Leaves

When general well-being in the workplace is encouraged, it is possible to lower employee absenteeism due to health issues. Office door knobs, desks, keyboards, and other high-touch surfaces can transfer germs and illness. The likelihood that infections will spread among the staff members and negatively impact their health and attendance record increases if these places are not routinely cleaned and sanitized.

A Professional Looking Workspace

You may learn a lot about a company’s operations, reputation, and employee values from the condition of its workplace. You probably have a high position in the chain if your business is routinely cleaned and disinfected with the assistance of experienced commercial cleaning services. An office that is sparkling clean and clutter-free exudes professionalism and dependability. When you get commercial window cleaning services for your office, it will enhance its curb appeal even more.

Cost Savings

As previously said, creating a safe and healthy work environment is a good method to reduce the number of sick days that employees take. However, the organization won’t have to cope with the productivity losses these occurrences can cause if illnesses and injuries can be prevented.

If you believe that saving money by cutting back on cleaning is possible, you are mistaken. It is essential to invest in frequent professional cleaning services if you want to reduce your company’s expenditures over the long term.

Higher Quality Services

Almost every commercial building has janitorial services that clean the office daily. You are familiar with the routine: clean the floors, wash the windows, remove the trash, sanitize the toilets, and so forth. However, did you know that these are insufficient? Your office needs more than simple upkeep.

It occasionally requires comprehensive cleaning and disinfection. one that can kill germs that are invisible to the naked eye and eradicate disease-causing microorganisms. In other words, regular high-quality cleaning service appointments should be taken into account in addition to the daily mop and wipe in the office.


Maintaining a safe and sanitary workplace should be your priority in light of current happening events, that wouldn’t be an issue at all if you had a dependable provider of commercial cleaning services on your side. You keep the business functioning, and they maintain the rest completely clean and free of germs. Commercial cleaning professionals do more than just make sure the floor is swept and take the garbage out. 

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