Important Facts About Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial properties which contain large windows are typically very hard to maintain and clean. The windows may have larger dimensions, sometimes harder due to the special ultraviolet coating, and it requires an effective professional cleaning technique to keep them clean. There are some important facts about commercial window cleaning services that every commercial building owner should know.

Commercial glazing services are crucial in maintaining the building’s appearance. It offers many benefits for businesses to clean their commercial windows. Commercial cleaning is a major expense and a good return on investment is a huge benefit to your business long-term.

Commercial Window Cleaning and Building Longevity

Commercial windows are cleaned for longer life, thereby increasing the durability of the building, including the doors and the structure behind them. Dust can build up in the window and can damage the glass and make it unreadable for a long time.

If the windows are cleaned they help to prevent framing, weathering, and other damage. During weathering, the glass frames will affect their durability. The clean glass allows more light in a room which reduces the light needed in a building and reduces the electricity bills.

Window Cleaning Is a Specialty Service

When seeking commercial cleaning services, it is important to understand commercial window cleaning is often seen as a specialty service. It is mainly because window washing is treated as a separate industry from that of housekeeping. To clean windows properly, the company must acquire specialist machinery and the training of the personnel is needed. Windows require different cleaning products than the rest.

In addition, the higher windows or multistory buildings will need ladders or scaffolders so that workers can get into those places. One other reason windows are considered specialized services is that the cleaning of windows can pose an inherent threat.

Interior Glass vs Exterior Glass

Interior windows and exterior windows differ greatly in cleaning. Although both are glass, the processes used for cleaning the two sides of the windows may differ significantly. Cleaning companies can often clean interior windows floor-by-floor using squeegees or simple steps. Exterior windows also have different difficulties in terms of dirt.

Interior window surfaces are typically covered mainly by debris and handprints. The contaminating particles in the exterior windows are generally dirt, dust, or smog.

Services All Buildings Needed

Do commercial windows and door cleaning services include commercial windows and doors? This question is often asked by building managers as they look for cleaning services at office locations. When you are opting for professional cleaning services, it is very likely to get a full cleaning package as most companies offer.

It includes window washing with repairing any sort of light damage to the windows. A professional window cleaning company does that to ensure that the job doesn’t go to waste. If there is any damage observed, it is to be fixed before the cleaning process starts.

Latest Commercial Window Cleaning Trends

Cleaning windows with a water-fed pole system is efficient and safe for the environment. A water-fed pole and brush head are used to pump pure water onto the windows at a height of 60 feet. Vehicles for window cleaning have water purification systems that generate pure water.

The positive ions are eliminated using a water-softening resin, and the negative ions are eliminated using a reverse osmosis system. The glass is left smear-free since the water is empty of minerals when this procedure is finished. A few robots are being created specifically to clean windows. But these little droids adhere to window panes and remove any dirt or grim.

Cleaning Frequency For Your Windows

You should include cleaning the interior and outside of entryway windows in your daily or weekly contract cleaning. One way to present a professional business image is through clean front windows.

The frequency of window cleaning depends on your preferences, the climate where you reside, and whether or not your clients can easily see the windows. At least once a year, commercial windows should be cleaned by a professional. Many property managers decide to wash windows in the spring and fall in areas with long winters. Windows can be cleaned quarterly or weekly in warmer regions, especially in retail establishments.

Winter Window Washing

Washing your windows in the winter is not a very good idea. Since the temperature drops below freezing in some regions, the windows become prone to damage like cracks and applying water on them only enhances the chances of that damage occurring.

A commercial window cleaning company uses different sorts of chemicals for their cleaning processes and they can react harmfully with the glass if the temperature is not suitable. Buildings that are at a higher altitude become difficult to clean because of the instability that comes with height and low temperatures.

Chemicals Used By Cleaning Companies

Many professional window washers use a few drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid and deionized (distilled) water today. The same method is suggested for domestic windows. The calcium in tap water causes water spots, which can be removed by using distilled water. When drying windows, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol is added, especially on humid days.

A professional squeegee is essential to getting streak-free, clean windows. The life of the blade can be increased by wiping it with a natural sponge after each stroke. Just with the window washer blades in your automobile, the squeegee blade is changed when it is no longer cleaning effectively.

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

There are numerous advantages to hiring a commercial window cleaning company to clean the windows of your office building. Considering the height of the window, professional window cleaners utilize the right tools, like water poles, lifts, and harnesses. When the proper tools are employed, the windows are cleaned thoroughly, guaranteeing that they are clear and free of streaks and smudges.

Offices may be kept clean and hygienic by using commercial window cleaning services. Dust, filth, and grime are removed from office glass panes when business windows are maintained and cleaned, making the workspace healthier for people who have asthma or allergies.

Increasing Your Building Value

It might surprise you to learn that keeping your commercial building’s windows clean could raise its worth. Clean windows not only improve the appearance of the structure but also provide the impression that it has been well-maintained. Many individuals find it challenging to recognize the worth of a dirty or poorly maintained building.

When your windows are clean, your building appears elegant and well-kept. That is the perception that customers will have when they consider the worth of your commercial property and whether they want to make a purchase.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions by business owners about commercial window cleaning:

What Qualities Does a Window Cleaner Need?

They should be able to work at high altitudes. Having a good balance and concentration is crucial for window cleaners. Appropriate safety measures should be followed by these workers. They should work as a team so that the work can be finished quickly. They should be vigilant about their surroundings and if anything goes wrong they should act accordingly.

Why Are Window Cleaners Important?

Cleaning windows can keep them looking good for a long period besides preserving windows, they can also help prevent window problems and improve ventilation in an office. It is recommended to clean windows at least once per month to maintain optimal performance.

What Are Some Facts About Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning became more important in 1850. Squeegees have been developed in the early 1900s. Windex was developed in 1936. Victorians swept windows manually and used vinegar and soap.


Opting for professional window cleaning services can prove to be highly beneficial for your business and can also enhance the condition of your windows. Commercial window cleaners are highly efficient in their jobs and can deliver quality work within a limited period. If you have a tall building then high-rise window cleaners can deliver a highly safe and effective job.

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