Understand the Facts: How Do Germs Spread In Your Office?

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An office pays more than just a paycheck; it also pays a whole lot of germs. Yes, you heard it right. Whenever you’re in your office, you come in contact with your keyboard, telephone, desk, communal surfaces, and, most importantly, other people from your office. The spread of germs is highly likely in shared workspaces as people are in close contact. They touch phones, elevator buttons, the vending machine, and even eat lunch together sometimes. Your business may require commercial cleaning services if you notice your employees getting sick too often.

One study shows that a normal office desk has over 10 million bacteria; this is 400 times more than what is found on an average toilet seat. This means that every time you’re typing out an email, you’re putting yourself at risk for illness and infection. Keep reading this blogpost to learn about tips regarding cleaning your office.

Co-workers should always keep the work environment clean for each other. You need to educate employees on appropriate health and safety measures. 

Is there a difference between disinfecting and cleaning?

According to CDC resources on coronavirus, cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Both are needed for you to reduce the chances of infection. Cleaning means eliminating dirt, odors, and stains on surfaces using soap and water or a cleaning agent. Cleaning does not destroy bacteria, but eliminating dirt reduces their number and reduces the likelihood of their spread. Disinfection involves the use of chemicals to remove germs from surfaces. The CDC advises that businesses clean and disinfect high-risk and high-traffic places during the day.

Disinfect Germs in the Office

There are different ways of cleaning, the most important one being to remove viruses and bacteria from the area. The CDC website explains how to effectively disinfect surfaces. Something as innocent as a pen container can harbor bacteria and viruses, so disinfect shared office supplies and wash your hands after using communal areas. Always wash your reusable cup with hot, soapy water and wash it completely at a later date.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic looming over our heads, it is more important than ever to develop the habit of disinfecting and cleaning ourselves and our surroundings. The importance of a healthy office can be understood by the benefits it provides, one of which is the most common ones.

Avoid Spreading Germs

Your office is likely to be very susceptible to viruses and bacteria if not kept clean. Because of the widespread COVID-19 virus worldwide, attention should be paid to public health during work hours. A simple disinfectant wipe and a clean hand can help you keep your employees healthy while reducing your risk for viral infections. Business owners should go beyond simple disinfection by hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of the office. This is for the safety of you, your employees, and your families. If proper attention is not paid to office cleanliness, then it is possible that you carry germs and infection back to your home and spread it among your loved ones.

Invest in an Electrostatic Disinfecting Service

Application of sprayed elastomeric products with an electrostatic sprayer is a remarkably effective disinfectant. Has anyone ever rubbed balloons across their hair to help hold them in place on a wall? This is a basic electric charge. Electrostatic disinfecting uses special equipment which charges disinfecting materials with either negative or positive charges.

This electrostatically charged droplet is a magnet in a target region. They cover surfaces in such a way that germs and bacteria are pulled around them. This wraparound effect gives similar results when compared to traditional disinfectants. Electrostatic disinfection also reduces the negative impact of spray and waste because no harmful chemicals are used. Having an electrostatic disinfection device in your office can be a great gift for your employees since it will provide a better working environment for them.

Don’t Keep a Messy or Dirty Desk

As mentioned earlier, your desk has a lot of germs and bacteria. You need to clean and disinfect your work desk regularly. Keep a disinfectant nearby and use it to clean the surface of your desk. If you fear transmitting germs (as many parents do, due to the prevalence of viruses and bacteria in schools), you can tell your office’s cleaning team to keep an eye out for your desk. This way your chances of spreading bacteria or getting infected are highly reduced.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Eating while working at your desk may seem like a good way to increase productivity, but it can lead to a lot of complications. Firstly, you’ll have reduced concentration, which will result in lower quality output. But more importantly, you might accidentally ingest the germs from your desk through your food, which can cause anything from mild illness to a trip to the ER. Instead of eating at your desk, try sitting in the break room or scheduling a lunch meeting at a local restaurant.

Use Disinfectant Wipes Whenever You Can

If you want to minimize your chances of being infected with disease-carrying germs, then make a habit of sanitizing your hands. Disinfectant wipes will highly reduce the chance of the germs spreading.  It is a small habit, but it can keep you safe from sickness in the long run. You can also wash your hands with soap regularly (follow the CDC-recommended 20-second wash) or make use of hand sanitizer, which is equally effective in killing workplace germs.

Prevent the Spread of Bacteria at Work

Bacteria is everywhere in offices, which are perfect breeding grounds for diseases if left unchecked. Commercial janitorial services offer freedom from bacteria and germs. How can you protect your workers’ workplaces? You have two options: either use cleaning agents and disinfectants to deep clean your office regularly or hire a professional disinfection and cleaning team. Hiring a professional can not only prevent the spread of germs but it can also affect your business in positive ways.

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