Creating and maintaining a clean, hygienic work environment is key for any business to succeed. A well-kept commercial space ensures the well-being of employees and customers and boosts the company’s reputation. Professional cleaning services for your commercial setup are vital, and knowing about the various levels of cleaning can help you make better decisions, saving you money and time. Let’s delve into the three tiers of cleaning and how each one plays an important role in fostering a productive workplace.”

Understanding the Three Tiers of Cleaning

Knowing The Importance of a Clean & Hygienic Environment

A neat, clean, and hygienic environment is fundamental for any commercial establishment. It ensures that employees can work in a safe, tidy, and pleasant space, free from the risks posed by germs, dirt, and clutter. This is where the role of a professional commercial cleaning company becomes crucial. By hiring a professional cleaning services company, businesses can guarantee their premises are clean and sanitized, promoting productivity and well-being.

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The Three Tiers of Cleaning

The three-tiered approach to cleaning provides a framework for classifying and addressing different cleaning requirements to uphold an immaculate environment. These tiers cover surface cleaning, which targets visible dirt and dust; deep cleaning, which is about cleaning hard-to-reach areas and hidden grime; and sanitization, which aims to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses.

Surface Cleaning (The First Tier Cleaning)

Basic cleaning, or surface cleaning, covers essential cleaning duties that focus on cleaning visible dirt and upholding a neat and orderly environment. This level of cleaning is crucial for daily maintenance and consists of the following tasks:


Dusting involves removing dust from surfaces such as tables, desks, shelves, workstations, and electronic devices.

Vacuuming & Sweeping

Vacuuming and sweeping are done to thoroughly clean floors to eliminate debris brought in by foot traffic.


Mopping is done in the commercial spaces to ensure that hard floors are spotless and free of any stains.

Trash Removal

Trash removal involves emptying trash bins and replacing liners to maintain a clean and hygienic workspace.

Surface Wiping

Surface wiping is cleaning high-touch areas like tables, desks, and countertops to prevent the spread of germs and maintain cleanliness in the commercial space.
Keeping everything clean on the surface is important. It helps make your workplace look professional and inviting. It’s the first thing to do to keep a place clean and healthy for everyone, whether it is visitors or your employees.

Deep Cleaning (The Second Tier Cleaning)

Deep cleaning is the next tier; regular surface cleaning addresses often overlooked areas. It is a more thorough cleaning and is usually performed less frequently compared to surface cleaning. Deep cleaning tasks generally include :

Detailed Restroom Cleaning

Deep cleaning of restrooms is done to eliminate germs and maintain a healthy environment in the commercial space.

Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves carpet cleaning, in which specialized equipment is used to remove deep-seated dirt and stains from carpets.

High Dusting

High dusting is Cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. This cleaning is also essential for a clean and hygienic work environment.

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Upholstery Cleaning

The second tier of cleaning also includes upholstery cleaning, which ensures that office furniture is free of dust, stains, and allergens.

Floor Care

Floor care is also part of the deep cleaning process, which includes stripping, waxing, and polishing hard floors to maintain their appearance and life.

It is always suggested that you hire a professional commercial cleaning company for these tasks, as they are trained and equipped with the right cleaning tools and equipment, and Laos knows all the best cleaning techniques.

Sanitization (The Third Tier Cleaning)

Sanitization is the third and highest tier of cleaning, and it focuses on eliminating germs, bacteria, and other contaminants to guarantee a genuinely hygienic work environment. This tier is required for places with high interaction and foot traffic, such as schools, hospitals, and office buildings. Sanitization tasks generally include:

Disinfecting High-Touch Areas

Disinfecting High-Touch Areas includes Regularly cleaning door handles, phones, light switches, and keyboards.

Sanitization of The Restrooms

Restroom Sanitization comes under sanitization and is done using disinfectants to clean restrooms thoroughly, preventing the spread of pathogens.

Break Rooms & Kitchens

Break rooms and kitchens are also high-contact areas that need sanitization. To prevent contamination, you must ensure that professional cleaners properly sanitize the areas where food is prepared and eaten.

Specialized Cleaning

In places like healthcare facilities, where the risk of infection is very high, specialized cleaning protocols are followed to keep the hospital staff, patients, and visitors safe from infections.

As the third tier of cleaning, sanitization ensures that all surfaces are clean and free from harmful microorganisms, creating a healthy environment for everyone visiting or working in the commercial building.

What Are The Benefits of a Professional Cleaning Company?

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Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to take care of these three cleaning levels comes with several advantages. Professional cleaners are trained to handle different cleaning tasks efficiently, ensuring that all areas are consistently maintained. They have the latest cleaning equipment and follow a detailed cleaning process that covers all three levels, which helps create a clean and healthy environment in your working space. By getting rid of germs and keeping every part of the space clean, professional cleaners can help reduce the spread of illnesses, making the workplace healthier. A clean environment allows employees to work effectively without the health risks of a dirty workplace.


Discovering the three levels of cleaning—surface cleaning, deep cleaning, and sanitization—is important for upholding a healthy environment in your commercial space. Each level of cleaning targets different aspects of cleanliness, from tackling visible dirt to destroying harmful germs, guaranteeing the best approach to workplace hygiene.

By hiring professional cleaning services, businesses can enjoy expert attention and consistent upkeep, promoting a clean and healthy atmosphere for employees and boosting their productivity. Whether you need routine janitorial services or commercial cleaning solutions, investing in professional cleaners is a game-changing decision toward a cleaner, safer workplace.

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Hire commercial cleaning services to experience the benefits of three-tier cleaning from a professional cleaning company. By integrating janitorial services with traditional cleaning tasks, the cleaning service company ensures you can conduct business effectively. With professional cleaners handling everything, you can focus on what you do best. 

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