Understand the Facts: How Do Germs Spread In Your Office?

An office pays more than just a paycheck; it also pays a whole lot of germs. Yes, you heard it right. Whenever you’re in your office, you come in contact with your keyboard, telephone, desk, communal surfaces, and, most importantly, other people from your office. The spread of germs is highly likely in shared workspaces as people are in close contact. They touch phones, elevator buttons, the vending machine, and even eat lunch together sometimes. Your business may require commercial cleaning services if you notice your employees getting sick too often.

One study shows that a normal office desk has over 10 million bacteria; this is 400 times more than what is found on an average toilet seat. This means that every time you’re typing out an email, you’re putting yourself at risk for illness and infection. Keep reading this blogpost to learn about tips regarding cleaning your office.

Co-workers should always keep the work environment clean for each other. You need to educate employees on appropriate health and safety measures. 

Is there a difference between disinfecting and cleaning?

According to CDC resources on coronavirus, cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. Both are needed for you to reduce the chances of infection. Cleaning means eliminating dirt, odors, and stains on surfaces using soap and water or a cleaning agent. Cleaning does not destroy bacteria, but eliminating dirt reduces their number and reduces the likelihood of their spread. Disinfection involves the use of chemicals to remove germs from surfaces. The CDC advises that businesses clean and disinfect high-risk and high-traffic places during the day.

Disinfect Germs in the Office

There are different ways of cleaning, the most important one being to remove viruses and bacteria from the area. The CDC website explains how to effectively disinfect surfaces. Something as innocent as a pen container can harbor bacteria and viruses, so disinfect shared office supplies and wash your hands after using communal areas. Always wash your reusable cup with hot, soapy water and wash it completely at a later date.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic looming over our heads, it is more important than ever to develop the habit of disinfecting and cleaning ourselves and our surroundings. The importance of a healthy office can be understood by the benefits it provides, one of which is the most common ones.

Avoid Spreading Germs

Your office is likely to be very susceptible to viruses and bacteria if not kept clean. Because of the widespread COVID-19 virus worldwide, attention should be paid to public health during work hours. A simple disinfectant wipe and a clean hand can help you keep your employees healthy while reducing your risk for viral infections. Business owners should go beyond simple disinfection by hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain the cleanliness of the office. This is for the safety of you, your employees, and your families. If proper attention is not paid to office cleanliness, then it is possible that you carry germs and infection back to your home and spread it among your loved ones.

Invest in an Electrostatic Disinfecting Service

Application of sprayed elastomeric products with an electrostatic sprayer is a remarkably effective disinfectant. Has anyone ever rubbed balloons across their hair to help hold them in place on a wall? This is a basic electric charge. Electrostatic disinfecting uses special equipment which charges disinfecting materials with either negative or positive charges.

This electrostatically charged droplet is a magnet in a target region. They cover surfaces in such a way that germs and bacteria are pulled around them. This wraparound effect gives similar results when compared to traditional disinfectants. Electrostatic disinfection also reduces the negative impact of spray and waste because no harmful chemicals are used. Having an electrostatic disinfection device in your office can be a great gift for your employees since it will provide a better working environment for them.

Don’t Keep a Messy or Dirty Desk

As mentioned earlier, your desk has a lot of germs and bacteria. You need to clean and disinfect your work desk regularly. Keep a disinfectant nearby and use it to clean the surface of your desk. If you fear transmitting germs (as many parents do, due to the prevalence of viruses and bacteria in schools), you can tell your office’s cleaning team to keep an eye out for your desk. This way your chances of spreading bacteria or getting infected are highly reduced.

Don’t Eat at Your Desk

Eating while working at your desk may seem like a good way to increase productivity, but it can lead to a lot of complications. Firstly, you’ll have reduced concentration, which will result in lower quality output. But more importantly, you might accidentally ingest the germs from your desk through your food, which can cause anything from mild illness to a trip to the ER. Instead of eating at your desk, try sitting in the break room or scheduling a lunch meeting at a local restaurant.

Use Disinfectant Wipes Whenever You Can

If you want to minimize your chances of being infected with disease-carrying germs, then make a habit of sanitizing your hands. Disinfectant wipes will highly reduce the chance of the germs spreading.  It is a small habit, but it can keep you safe from sickness in the long run. You can also wash your hands with soap regularly (follow the CDC-recommended 20-second wash) or make use of hand sanitizer, which is equally effective in killing workplace germs.

Prevent the Spread of Bacteria at Work

Bacteria is everywhere in offices, which are perfect breeding grounds for diseases if left unchecked. Commercial janitorial services offer freedom from bacteria and germs. How can you protect your workers’ workplaces? You have two options: either use cleaning agents and disinfectants to deep clean your office regularly or hire a professional disinfection and cleaning team. Hiring a professional can not only prevent the spread of germs but it can also affect your business in positive ways.

System4 DFW provides quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tarrant County Area. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, facility management services, and much more. Want to stop worrying about dust build-up in HVAC units, bacteria in communal kitchens, and germs spreading through public spaces? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for managing your facility.

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Why Do You Need A Professional Janitorial Cleaning Service?

Many people think that hiring a professional janitorial service is not needed when they have an internal cleaning person. Most of the time, business owners believe it is just a waste of money. Well, this is where they are wrong. Commercial janitorial services are an integral part of any business’ operations. An in-house cleaning person can take care of the basic touch-ups, but most businesses require customized cleaning and greater attention to detail. You can also save a lot of time with janitorial services.

Is it necessary for you to hire a professional janitorial service in Dallas-Fort Worth? Let’s see how and why professional janitorial services are needed for businesses of almost all sizes, types, and structures, even if it’s just a commercial property. 

Commercial Janitorial Services are Efficient

It is clear that if a person is well equipped and experienced in a task, he/she gets it done more quickly and more efficiently. Making your office visually appealing can be done by having a professional team of cleaners. They have done the job so many times that they know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Not only does this save time, but it also means that you get higher-quality cleaning services. Office cleaning services are often mistaken as general cleaning services, which is not the case. Office cleaning requires a certain set of unique skills and equipment that the common cleaning crews do not have.

Commercial Cleaning Services Save You Money

A business spends a lot on keeping the workplace clean and tidy. A huge amount is spent on buying the required products and cleaning equipment, an expense that only increases as time progresses.Once you’ve bought the supplies, you have to hire a cleaning person or personnel that charge by the hour. 

What can save you from all of this added cost? You need commercial cleaning services because they are well-versed in knowing how to keep your business clean. Your business can benefit a lot from commercial cleaning services. The commercial cleaning service can also reduce your cleaning costs because you can set a timetable, guaranteeing the most efficient use of your facilities budget.

Professional Office Cleaning Services Guarantee Quality Work

When you hire professional janitorial services you get a guarantee that the work done is of the highest quality. Professional cleaning crews are experts at what they do, and you know you’re getting good value for your money. Cleaning professionals know all the nooks and corners that need to be cleaned, making the process quick and efficient. You don’t have to worry that you have to oversee them when they’re cleaning, which gives you more time to relax when you’re off the job. 

You Will Benefit from Having a Cleaner Office

A clean and healthy working environment is beneficial for your business and the best gift for your employees

The importance of a clean office is that you will soon start to see a rise in your employees’ productivity levels, which means your business will make more money. A cleaner working environment also means that your employees might contract fewer germs and diseases, which in turn means that they will have fewer sick days. Learning about how germs spread can help you better understand the importance of cleaning services. Professional janitorial services use the right disinfectants and cleaning materials required to keep your office in a clean and healthy state. A cleaner office means happier employees and more profits for your business.

No Need to Buy Any Cleaning Supplies or Equipment

An average office spends around $400-$600 on cleaning supplies monthly, a number that increases with the size of the office. It’s also a hassle to take inventory and order cleaning supplies each month. One huge benefit of hiring professional cleaning and janitorial services is that you don’t have to worry about these things. They will clean your walls too which will help in enhancing visual appeals.

Timely Services at Competitive Prices

What sets professional janitorial services apart? They’re always right on schedule. And unlike many in-house cleaners, a commercial cleaning crew in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX will charge you market-competitive pricing that can really help you cut costs in your monthly budget.

System4 DFW provides quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tarrant County Area. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, facility management services, and much more. Want to stop worrying about dust build-up in HVAC units, bacteria in communal kitchens, and germs spreading through public spaces? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for managing your facility.

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8 Interesting Facts About Cleaning

Cleanliness has been a part of human society for a long time. We make sure that our bodies are clean, our clothes are clean, our houses are clean, and even our workplaces are clean. Cleaning after ourselves has never been more important than in the modern era, as the world faces huge waste management problems and Mother Earth needs our help more than ever. Your office or home requires commercial cleaning services to create a better environment.

8 Facts about Cleaning

Want to learn more about how to keep the planet cleaner and greener? System4 has collected 10 facts about cleaning that you may not know.

Where does the word “clean” come from?

The word “clean” has a history that includes a common ancestry with the Latin word “clānō”, meaning “to wash.” It is also closely related to the Old English “clǣnian”, which means to cleanse or make tidy; it’s the root of the modern words “cleaning” and “cleanse.”

These words share a common root with the Latin word “to shine;” in fact, when you clean something, you’re removing smudges and dirt in order to let the light shine through.

Germs can live on surfaces for up to 3 days

Germs can survive on moist surfaces such as sinks, bathroom fixtures, and kitchen surfaces. On dry surfaces such as toys, they might last several hours. Salmonella can survive in the wettest places for 4-6 days. Keep clean surfaces dry to prevent germs from accumulating. Whenever there’s a spill, dry it as quickly as possible and then use antibacterial cleaners to kill the remaining germs. When you clean, drying the disinfected surfaces help prevent the growth of future bacteria. Understanding the difference between dry and hot water extraction helps you choose the right option for yourself.

Dirty money

Most people know the term “dirty money” in the context of crime. But it applies to physical money too. You can find more than 5000 types of bacterial organisms on money. Wow! Bacteria can cause a number of problems, from spreading illness to encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. The good news is that debit/credit cards are the least of our concerns. Paper money and coins move around a lot, coming into contact with many different kinds of people. A flu patient could give a dollar to the pharmacy, and their note might make its way into your hands hours later–along with all those infectious germs. Always clean your hands and any surfaces that have come into contact with money to prevent the spread of germs.

Cleaning is a great way to reduce stress

Yes, you heard that right. Studies have shown that cleaning your surroundings can help reduce your levels of stress and induce a feeling of satisfaction. The simple act of making your own bed can help you sleep better, and cleaning out your room or organizing your office space reduces stress. Commercial church cleaning is highly beneficial considering that it creates a stress-free environment. It’s also a great way to distract yourself from your problems. Start off with organizing a cluttered space, then clean the surfaces you’ve uncovered; chances are, there are germs and bacteria hiding beneath that stack of files you haven’t touched in a month. 

Kitchens are one of the filthiest rooms

Food storage and preparation sites are more contaminated with bacteria than any other place. You will find more bacteria in your kitchen sinks than in your bathroom sinks. Kitchens need to be kept extremely clean as food and utensils are kept there. A dirty kitchen can lead to many health hazards including food poisoning, Diarrhea, and even ringworms. It is quite obvious that a kitchen needs to be kept clean but thorough care is required if you really want to stay away from any health hazards.

Dusting and vacuuming improves air quality 

Since we spend 87% of our time in our homes, we need to ensure proper temperatures and good air quality. Cleaning and vacuuming your home or office environment will improve your air quality. It removes dust, dirt, and allergens from surfaces; these microscopic elements eventually make their way into the air and settle into HVAC systems. Not only does cleaning and dusting improve your air quality, but it also keeps your employees or guests healthy. Keep those dust particles and dead skin flakes out of your office.

The average person spends about 2 hours a week cleaning

While it might not be accurate for everyone, on an average scale, people spend about 2 hours every week performing chores related to cleaning. In addition to those little cleaning tasks that build up over the week, many people also hire commercial or residential cleaners to keep their homes and offices clean and disinfected. Hiring professional cleaners can benefit you to recognise the professional’s cleaning methods in terms of saving time and money in the longer run.

The Commercial Cleaning Industry is Booming

The demand for cleaning companies in commercial buildings has risen substantially over the last few years. You can opt for correct commercial cleaning services by checking the company’s work ethics.

System4 DFW provides quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tarrant County Area. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, facility management services, and much more. Want to stop worrying about dust build-up in HVAC units, bacteria in communal kitchens, and germs spreading through public spaces? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for managing your facility.

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How Is a Clean Office the Best Gift for Your Employees?

A clean office is the first step in running a successful business. Not only does it matter to your employees, but also to the overall image of your business or brand. If a business has an office that is dirty or cluttered, it gives off the impression that the business owner does not care about the business. It’s also a simple fact that the most critical part of any business is its employees, and if they are not happy with the state of the office, your business is going to suffer. It’s an important element of business management to create a healthier environment for your staff.

There are many benefits to a clean office. Most of them are tied to your employees since they are the ones who spend the most time in your facility. How is a tidy workplace the best gift you can give to your employees?

A clean workplace has health benefits

A dirty working environment can provide breeding grounds for germs and pathogens. This can lead to a decline in employee health, which in turn means more sick leave and less productivity. It is recommended for every office employee to educate themselves about keeping an office neat and tidy.Some cleaning services are one-off visits, but they may also be a monthly deep clean service or a multiple times per week service. Janitorial services may differ from commercial cleaning services in terms of frequency of work. Office cleaning should cover floors and carpets as well as surfaces, windows, bathrooms, and even exterior building surfaces.

A clean office creates a positive work environment

A positive work environment is essential for any business that wants to grow and become successful. Read this blog post to learn a few tips on making your workplace clean. One major source of negativity is a dirty office. A clean and organized workplace promotes a healthy and positive work mindset, which in turn leads to improved productivity and high levels of employee retention. Always try to avoid an unhealthy work environment if you want your employees to stay for the long term. This can also be done by washing your office walls on a regular basis.

A clean office is a happy office

Some employees consider their workplaces as second homes, so keeping the office clean can boost their morale significantly. Your employees directly represent how you advertise your company and products. Employees who do not find their workplace clean-faced dips in productivity. They may also complain to friends and family or on social media, which negatively impacts the reputation of your business. If your employees feel comfortable in the office, they’ll be happier–which is good news for you and your business.

Clean Offices Boost Productivity

A clean work environment means more productive employees. It is a proven fact that a clean workplace boosts employee productivity. Research has shown that employees tend to associate their performance with the physical well-being of their workplace. A dirty work environment can be distracting, causing employees to waste valuable time cleaning or distracted by allergies or other health issues. Furthermore, if an office is not clean and tidy, the people working there feel that the business is not really paying attention to them and is only focused on making money. You can know if your office needs cleaning services by checking the productivity rate of your employees as well. You can surely notice the changes in their productivity when the workplace is more organized, clean, and healthy.

Your employees will feel valued & appreciated

Keeping the office clean and tidy gives your employees the message that you value them and care about their well-being. A dirty environment can lead to your employees feeling demotivated and unappreciated. You need to take care of your employees and office as you take care of your own family and house. This means that regular cleaning and organizing is a must by hiring a professional cleaning service or in-house cleaning personnel. You will soon see that your employees will start valuing your business more as they see that the upper-tier management cares about them.

The importance of tidying up at work

A tidy work environment means that your office is ready for anything that comes its way. A surprise client visit? An urgent meeting? Or even an internal meeting? By learning facts about spreading germs in your office, you can prevent that from happening. The necessity of a healthy office provides your office to be ready for whatever situation arises and no time will be wasted in cleaning up and organizing.

 You will also give out the message that cleanliness is an integral part of your brand value and your employees must also take part in achieving this. This can lead to your employees taking personal responsibility in keeping the office and their cubicles clean, tidy, and more organized.

System4 DFW provides quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tarrant County Area. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, facility management services, and much more. Want to stop worrying about dust build-up in HVAC units, bacteria in communal kitchens, and germs spreading through public spaces? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for managing your facility.

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How Janitorial Cleaning Services Can Save Your Time and Money

Your business is your livelihood. You have put in all of the hard work to get it off the ground, and you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly so that you can grow. But what happens when your janitorial service isn’t doing its job? It’s not only an inconvenience for your company, but also for any customers who come into contact with unclean surfaces and unsanitary conditions. This blog post will discuss how Janitorial Cleaning Services can save time and money by keeping your office or commercial property clean!

1. Reduce your time spent cleaning

Cleaning companies specialize in office cleaning and janitorial services so you don’t have to! They can get the job done quickly, which means that more of your time is freed up for other work of your choice. This can be especially important if you are a small business owner who is trying to juggle many different roles at once. Your business can benefit from professional cleaning services in regards to enhancing curb appeal and aesthetics.

With the help of professional janitorial services, a lot of the time and effort that would be spent on cleaning is eliminated.

A professional janitorial services company can make your life much easier by taking care of all necessary office or business cleaning tasks, including mopping floors, dusting surfaces, wiping down counters, scrubbing bathrooms/toilets, vacuuming rugs/carpets, etc., emptying trash cans throughout the building (including common areas), washing windows inside & out.

Save money on your monthly budget using commercial cleaning services

Saving cost is another major advantage of choosing janitorial cleaning services. Your business is important to you, but taking care of it requires an investment that not everyone can afford. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money as a small or medium-sized company. One such way is by hiring professional office cleaners and letting them handle the work for you!

Commercial Cleaning companies offer competitive rates so that your expenses stay low even as your need for quality service increases over time. This helps ensure that your bottom line stays strong throughout your entire tenure as a thriving enterprise!

There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind about how clean and tidy everything looks when Janitorial Cleaning Services keep things well maintained on a regular basis, leaving only the best impression on your clients and customers.

Improve the health of your family or employees

Allergens, bacteria, and other potentially hazardous substances can become part of the fabric of your office or home if they are not properly tended to. When left unattended for longer periods of time, these contaminants can lead to health problems like asthma and bronchitis among others.

The best way to avoid this potential threat is by hiring a professional janitorial service company that specializes in keeping things clean! This has many advantages; most importantly you will be able to enjoy a healthier facility that positively affects everyone who comes into contact with it on a daily basis.

Save money from not buying supplies

It can be a hassle to purchase cleaning supplies, but it’s even more of a headache when you have to do it over and over again!

Cleaning companies offer an alternative by providing all necessary equipment for their services. So not only will they keep your office or home clean, but also free from bacteria that could potentially spread around the environment. This means less cost in buying chemicals and tools to stay safe at work.

With professional janitorial services in place, there is no need to buy anything extra and everything goes as planned when getting started!

Professional janitors know exactly what to do to

When you decide to work with professional janitorial services, you can expect to get the best results possible. This is because professionals have received training in their field so that they are able to take care of even the most intricate cleaning challenges without any hassle. Understanding for janitorial and commercial office cleaningservices apart helps you understand which one is right for you.

Cleaning companies will do everything from start to finish so all you have to do is sit back and relax while your office or home looks better than ever!

All tasks listed above are completed by professional Janitorial Cleaning Services for your business each time there’s a visit scheduled on-site – no need for employees’ involvement at all! And if it wasn’t enough already, the benefits of hiring reliable commercial cleaners don’t end with reduced work hours either; this form of service also has many other major advantages! For example, employees are more likely to take pride in their work environment when it is clean and tidy rather than if left alone.

How To Find The Right Janitorial Services

Hiring professional janitorial services can be a big decision for any company, but it is one that pays off in the end. Not only do you get the chance to spend more time doing what matters most like running your business and making money; but also enjoy an increase in productivity and morale among employees working on-site every day!

When getting started with commercial cleaning companies make sure there’s no hassle involved by hiring reputable professionals who will show up when scheduled without fail. This way you’ll know exactly what kind of job they are going to complete each visit – leaving nothing short of quality results behind before moving on to other tasks at hand.

Janitors can clean almost everything ranging from:

  • Office Buildings
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • General Housekeeping
  • Movie Theater Cleaning
  • Multi-Tenant Cleaning
  • Gyms
  • Educational Institutes
  • Shopping Centers
  • Childcare Facilities
  • Medical Offices
  • Rental Homes and much more.


Professional Janitorial Services are an investment that will keep on giving; providing you with the kind of results that you just can’t match. On top of that, you will save time and money in the long run by outsourcing all tasks associated with cleaning and maintaining your building.

As you can see, this form of service is a major asset to any company that works towards providing their clientele only the best environment possible! So don’t wait another minute before finding out more about how hiring professional janitorial services benefit your business in every way imaginable…

System4 DFW provides quality cleaning services in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Tarrant County Area. We offer commercial cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, facility management services, and much more. Want to stop worrying about dust build-up in HVAC units, bacteria in communal kitchens, and germs spreading through public spaces? Get in touch with us today to get a free quote for managing your facility.

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